Thursday, October 15, 2015

When John Romita made $270

John Romita is a giant in the Earth in terms of comic book artists. You know him. He was "the Spider-Man guy."

But once upon a time, he was just another guy trying to break into the art biz, and his first pro job in comics paid him $270 back in 1949.

So what's that worth today? You can find out at Newsarama, and also find out how much Dan Jurgens, Dan Slott, Roy Thomas and others made for their very first gig (and what it would translate to today).

Jim McLauchlin

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Famous Folks You Didn't Know Wrote Comics

What do Rep. John Lewis, William Shatner, and Jenna Jameson all have in common? Well…they've all written comic books.

And there are other famous Joe and Janes who have done the same. Trek over to Newsarama for a look at 10 big-name people you might not know have written in the comics field.

Jim McLauchlin