Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kenneth Johnson, Man of Legends

Kenneth Johnson, surrounded by his works.
It says "Kenneth Johnson" on the cover of his new novel, The Man of Legends, but he's just "Kenny."

You may not know the name, but you DEFINITELY know the work. Johnson is the creator and/or producer and/or director and/or writer of famed TV shows and movies such as The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk, V, Short Circuit, and more. And he does a spot-on Lee Majors impression.

Johnson reveals a little peek into his new novel and a DEEP dive into his amazing memorabilia collection over at Newsarama. Give it a peep; you'll be glad you did.

Jim McLauchlin

Foot. Comparison. Andre the Giant was BIG.

Crazy-cool memorabilia from a long career.

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